Who am I?
I think I’m still trying to figure that out on a daily basis. What I do know is that I am a mother of two crazy, smart-ass kids who drive me up a wall and turn me into a screaming machine. As mothers, we hold so MANY titles that I find it very hard to narrow it down any further than a keeper for all. My 10-year-old daughter (who thinks she is going on 16) she is a mirror image of myself. She is smarter than her own good, strong-willed and Stubborn as could be (just like her mother). I have a very high hope of her being a successful Attorney that nobody would want to be up against. Then there is my 5-year-old “golden boy” as we call him. He is smarter than us sometimes, he throws fits that would make anyone want to crawl out of their skin in the moment, he is my biggest challenge especially when it comes to discipline. With boys it is so different, he is so loving, compassionate and full of adolescent innocence that you want to hold onto as long as possible. If I had to imagine my son’s future, he will break a lot of hearts along the way, but make a great advocate of some kind, he is so intuitive of people and their feeling, he is a people pleaser for sure.

I am the wife of a humorist who tends to try and make jokes at such perfectly imperfect moments, he drives me nuts with the simple task that I still try to teach the kids, such as taking that extra half step to get your clothes in the laundry basket, the dish in the sink, the wrapper to the garbage, I’m sure we all have one of those in our home. All that aside my husband is an amazing man who could not have come into my life at a more perfect time, I can’t help but give him credit for dealing with someone like myself. He has fought through some big walls that I had up, still deals with my emotional roller coasters, my crazy family history, and simply just me.

Of course, I cannot forget, the owner of 2 Black Labs that are spoiled like crazy and one of them being the size of a small pony WEIGHING IN AT OVER 100 POUNDS. I am also an entrepreneur of a couple of small businesses. When I am not being a keeper of all, I love to garden, me and Lowes Home Improvement have a love-hate relationship lol. I can spend hours going through the flowers and plants imagining a magazine curb appeal that I have the creativity to accomplish just not the time. I also love the thought of creating all the cool ideas I find on Pinterest, which I usually plan for but find myself in the same situation of just not having time. My husband nearly runs to the opposite side of the house when I utter the word “Hey, I was thinking” lol, he knows it is some drastic project that I will start, and he will have to finish. At this point in my life, I am not certain of everything but the things I am certain of I want to share with all of you. I am the daughter of addicts who is still learning to navigate through life after being exposed to the things I was through my adolescence.

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