When Dale got out of the car, I immediately jumped in the driver’s seat and locked the doors. I gripped the steering wheel to pull myself closer to the windshield to try to see what was happening. I was shaking uncontrollably, crying and my knuckles were turning white from holding on so tight.

Dale approached the crowd of people with the bat hanging from his hand down by his side. You could see that they were exchanging words, some people were backing away and making it to their car. I was hoping that something would switch in his head to make this all stop.

Before I knew it, the bat was swinging in the air. I was screaming for him to stop but I was locked in a car where no one could hear me. With the state of mind he was in, he would have never listened anyway. This was an all-out fight. Two guys from the group started to approach the car.

They had pieces of broken asphalt in their hands and they were yelling that they were going to kill me. All I was trying to focus on was Dale. I knew he had the bat but I was still petrified that someone was going to die. I heard a loud bang and it sounded like a car hit me. I looked around the car and then back in front of me to see that it was the two guys that were approaching the car.

They began to throw the asphalt at the vehicle as they were getting closer still screaming at me and threatening me. In a panic, I put the car in drive and lightly stepped on the gas. They quickly noticed that the car was moving and started to back up. When I stopped the car, they would approach again. I put the car back in drive and pressed the gas again.

Someone ran past the side of the car into the Dunkin Donuts behind me. Dale chased behind, as he went past me, I saw the blood pouring down his face from what looked like his eye. I really began to freak out watching in the review mirror. He stopped on the ramp though.

I thought thank god it is over! He is done. I could still see his bloody face and he began to raise his leg up to the railing to TIE HIS SHOE. I could not help but wonder why the hell he is tying his shoe at that moment was important, what the hell was he doing? Why was he letting his guard down? I glanced back up and he was gone.


I could see him in the Dunkin Donuts swinging the bat. I know that this should not be my thoughts in the midst of this complete chaos, but he was breaking every rule he lived by and preached. He let his guard down, he let them out of his reach before his task was complete. He went into a building where there are CAMERAS and he could be recorded and identified. This breaks all the rules of a career criminal. I knew at this very moment more than any other moment there was more to this decision he made that night.

It finally came to an end and Dale ran back to the car. He banged on the passenger window for me to unlock the door. He jumped in and screamed for me to start driving. I still in a panic, 14 years old, no driver’s license slam the car into reverse. I am yelling at him that he is bleeding, he says he is fine and yells back to just drive. I asked him where am I driving to? He told me anywhere but home, we had to find somewhere to get cleaned up.

I know a friend of mine is having a party that night because her parents are out of town. I drive up the route 6 through the center of town scared to death that a cop is going to pull behind me at any minute. As we are driving Dale tosses the bat out the window.

We arrive at my friend’s house and I rush him inside. Everyone that I was with at the bowling alley a week prior was there. They all began to freak out when they see Dales face and asked what happened. I explained briefly that he pretty much found them, and I just needed to get him cleaned up.

We went into the bathroom and I grabbed a washcloth to clean the blood off his face. I still could not tell where it was all coming from. Once the blood was cleaned off, I saw the 3-inch split in his forehead. I asked what happened? You could tell he was hit with something, not by someone. He said one of the guys had a mag light and hit him with it.

I finally start to calm down, Dale is cleaned up and he is ready to drive. He thanks everyone for helping clean him up and tells me we must get home. I begin to panic again. My mother is going to lose her MIND. How the hell are we going to explain this? Somehow this is going to be my fault is all I could think.  We get in the car and Dale drives home.

We pull in our driveway and before Dale can turn the car off 5 cop cars rip in the driveway behind us. Lights and sirens on, they jump out of their car with their guns drawn. They are screaming at us to get out of the car with our hands up. Dale calmly looks at me and tells me to keep my mouth shut and just do what they say.

We slowly get out of the car, hands up and guns in our face. The cop is screaming “WHERE IS THE GUN?” what gun Dale asks, the cop yells they told us you have a gun! Dales yells back I DON’T HAVE A GUN. They run up to him and pat him down as another officer still has his gun pointed at me.  They pop the trunk and search the car. There is no gun.

My mother has run out of the house at this point to see what was going on. She starts screaming at the cop to stop pointing his gun at me. The cops tell her to shut up and go back in the house, Dale screams at her to shut up and go back in the house as well. She continues on a tangent screaming at the cop and not complying, she walks in front of him and grabs me and tells me to get in the house.

I run to get into the house, as I am running Dale is screaming to me to call FBI. What? This doesn’t even make sense. I scream back for what? They are setting me up he says. He must be losing his mind is all I thought. I ran to my bedroom to look out the window and I watched Dale and my mother both be handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car.  They were off to jail.

July 28, 1999,

* Robyn Conroy, 35, of 328 Emmett St; charged with the assaulting a police officer.

* Dale Adams, 45, of 328 Emmett St; charged with risk of injury to a minor, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and breach of peace.

To be continued……

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