My Aunt Lori

Attached to my mother came her crazy sister Lori. Lori is a thief, liar and a hypochondriac who self-medicates. This was easy for her as she worked in doctor’s offices as a medical biller. She would steal scripts, sample meds and or convince the doctor she worked with of her supposed illness. I personally think she just drove them crazy till they gave her what she wanted.

Lori was very close to her mother Bev. Lori and my mother hated each other. They were very different on the surface, but they were equally damaged. My mother and Lori both had children early in life. Lori probably made the best parenting decision she ever could by placing her child for adoption, yet she still threatened to take my mother’s parental rights all the time.

Her threats led to many of my sleepless nights as a child. I would have nightmares about child services coming to take me away. I would wake up sweating and crying profusely. My dreams would consist of me running through the neighborhood looking for somewhere, anywhere to hide. I found myself hiding between mattresses and in basements always waking up right before they found me.

Lori took every opportunity to point out my mother’s faults as a parent ( rightfully so in most situations) however she was not a better option. She liked to talk the talk but she was too selfish to ever do anything that was not self-serving. To top it off she was to heavily medicated half the time to even have a coherent conversation, never mind care for herself or anyone else. Lori was married and lived her life in a delusional party, no responsibilities for life or her actions. Everything was poor her.

I remember an exchange over the computer between Lori and my mother back in 2011. I revisited the exchange as I am writing this blog and can not believe how dysfunctional and toxic the dynamic of Lori, my mother, and their mother Bev’s relationship was.  The situations are different but the people are the same. Reading what my mother says about Lori and her mother are very true to who she is and vice versa.

As all these memories rush through my mind, I can only be thankful that this is not something I chose to fall into or continue with. I have broken the cycle from the “Role model” women in my life. I can rest assured that my children will not witness such hate and narcissism as they grow. They will not directly suffer the effects of being raised by or surrounded by self-serving addicts.

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