Toxic within the First Hours

My Birth Day

My Birth day. Most parents would be at the hospital anticipating the arrival of their first baby. Filled with fear, excitement, and anticipation. During the 80’s even still wondering what the sex of their baby was.  Not in my story. My father was apparently out on the town the night my mother went into labor. She walked across the street to the hospital when she started having contractions.

My mother awaited my arrival well also waiting for Joe to show up. My father was not on his way to the hospital though, instead, he was sitting in Jail. My Grandfather was the chief of police and an alcoholic who had a soft spot for my father. So, as he did on many occasions, he bailed my father out of jail. My grandfather brought him to the hospital where I was already born. The nurses came into the room and could smell the stench of alcohol on my father. They told him he had to leave because he would contaminate the room.

Within hours of being born this is the start of his dependability as a new father, not only was he going to contaminate the room with his toxins but also my life. My first hours in this world and addiction has already taken away important moments and precious time. I still wonder what went through my mother’s head. At 19 years old, no mother there to guide you or help you on your first baby and the man that you married and chose to father this new baby was so intoxicated that he was thrown out of the hospital. What did the future look like at this point in her head? My father did not see either one of us until we were released from the hospital.

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  1. Cute baby pic. When I was growing up, my father drank. He was a drinker til he died. Can’t say I remember my toddler years, but I can identify with what you went thru

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