My Aunt Lori Attached to my mother came her crazy sister Lori. Lori is a thief, liar and a hypochondriac who self-medicates. This was easy for her as she worked in doctor’s offices as a medical biller. She would steal scripts, sample meds and or convince the doctor...

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Uncle Teddy

My Uncle My Hope My mother’s brother, My Uncle Teddy. He is amazing! He was the type of man that any little girl would wish for as a dad. He was a teenager when I was born. He was around for the first few years of my life and tried to help Robyn and Joe with me...

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Dale My worst nightmare turned into my best friend My alcoholic and drug-addicted stepfather My stepfather Dale came into my life when I was around 3 years old. I hated him, he was the worst thing that could have happened at that moment, but to my mother Dale was...

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Robyn- My addicted Mother

The Victim My mother is a daughter of two addicts, a sister to an addict and an addict herself. She was pretty much on her own as a child, not educated, married by 17 and a mother by 19. Her biggest goal in life was to be NOTHING like her mother, she was going to be...

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Joe My Alcoholic Father

Joe my alcoholic father, he was 19 when he married my mother. He was a good-looking guy at 6 ft, dark curly hair, and green eyes. He was a laborer particularly in carpentry, but a professional drinker. When I was around 5 yrs. old my father had another child, and I...

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My Childhood

My childhood, what a fucking mess. While being raised by addicts in some of my worse moments, I would ask why this was the life I was dealt. As I get older and realize more I understand this was not the life I was dealt, it was the life my parents chose to give me. I...

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