A Night in the Parking Lot

Things bouncing off the wall, screaming, glass shattering and loud thumps are what I woke up to.  Most children would be scared and worried that maybe a monster or burglar was in their home. Not me, I knew exactly what all those sounds were around me all too well. In...

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Red Ribbon

What we think our children need As a parent in today's world we worry about everything our kids do, see, touch, hear and all the stuff in between.  Before we have children, we imagine what great parents we will be and all the life lessons we will teach our children....

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My Freshman Year

First Day Freshman year, I got this! I was an honor roll student, with perfect attendance and ready to breeze through high school. I have already made it further than my parents, but I was going to exceed their path. (Not really high expectations, but baby steps) I...

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Toxic within the First Hours

My Birth Day My Birth day. Most parents would be at the hospital anticipating the arrival of their first baby. Filled with fear, excitement, and anticipation. During the 80’s even still wondering what the sex of their baby was.  Not in my story. My father was...

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Dysfunctional Traits of Adults Raised by Addicts

So, there are many of us wandering around that grew up with an addictive parent(s). Now adults trying to function in the world, after a childhood of chaos. It may be hard to understand what that is like, it is even harder for us to explain. People who were raised by addicts may have certain traits of dysfunction and not even realize it.

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