My Uncle

My Hope

My mother’s brother, My Uncle Teddy. He is amazing! He was the type of man that any little girl would wish for as a dad. He was a teenager when I was born. He was around for the first few years of my life and tried to help Robyn and Joe with me and spent a lot of time with me. He and Joe did not get along, and with Robyn, a man would always come first. He ended up moving out of state to try and create a better life for himself and get away from these toxic and narcissistic people.

His New Life

As the years passed my Uncle would come to visit when he could or when he needed to come up for a funeral (which was always pure chaos in our family). I would be attached at the hip as much as possible. We had an indescribable bond from the time I was a toddler till today that time and distance could not break. He was such a breath of fresh air for me, he was normal. As time went on and he grew in his new hometown he met a great woman, she is an angel on earth, the calm to his storm. She is such a loving and compassionate woman who would do anything for anyone, My Aunt Jenny. They soon grew their family and I have two pretty awesome cousins who I could not be prouder of.

He was my strength without even knowing it

My Uncle and I lost touch for quite a few years. We reconnected a little bit when I was in my late teens and continued on when I was in my 20’s. Even though there were many years that had passed without us being in touch our bond and love was still there like we didn’t skip a beat. I always thought of him and how he got away, he succeeded, he started a family with a great person that he deserved and lived a healthy functional life. Obviously, he isn’t perfect as none of us are but he was living what I could only have dreamed of. Knowing in the back of my head that he achieved this I knew I could eventually break away and do the same.

Thank you

I could not be more thankful to have someone like him in my corner as a person who understands where I came from, the things I have seen and be there to listen or give advice when called on. He gave me hope that I could come out on top of this dysfunction the way he did. I love him and his family so much and thank him for setting the new standard!

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